About Us



The founders of Three Hundred Islands, Siteri and Kellie are passionate about Fiji and passionate about creating a range of products that provides a complete circle of goodness; from the satisfaction of supporting local farmers & suppliers to the pleasure of providing delicious, community conscious items that boost people's day.
Fijian beverages... that taste good.
As mothers, we wanted products that even our children will love and benefit from...without all the sugar that comes with most soft drinks these days.
Further to this, there are many social and personal factors contributing to the growing trend and demand for non-alcoholic alternatives in bars and resorts. People still want to socialise but want to reduce their alcohol intake and still have fun or perhaps they're driving, hence the rise of the no-low option.  No-low indicates no alcohol and low in calories so it's about a conscious way of drinking.  Mostly when socialising people don't want to stand around with a lemonade or mocktail, these both get sickly after the first one. Three Hundred Islands Ginger Elixir mixed with sparkling or still water is something you can sit on all day or night without fear over a sugar overload!